S. 40A(2)

CIT v Bhargav Book DepotĀ [2013] 40 taxmann.com 213 (Allahabad) Background: Assessee deals in printing and publication of books/diaries and sale thereof. During the course of assessment proceeding, the AO found that the assessee had sold Bhargav Dictionary though its sister concern “Sri Ganga Pustkalay” and had offered a discount of 3% whereas it had offered a discount of 0.5% less to other whole sellers . The AO further found that the sale price of dictionary was lesser by 18% when it was sold to M/s Sri Ganga Pustakalay. The difference of half percent was disallowed under Section 40-A (2) (a) and (b) of the Act and addition of Rs.15,97,401 was also made under Section 40-A (2) (a) and (b) of the Act. The matter was carried in appeal. The Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) has accepted the claim of the assessee and deleted the addition, which order has been upheld by the Tribunal on an appeal preferred by the Revenue.

Higher discount rate offered to sister concern not subject to disallowance u/s 40A(2)(b) – All ...

CIT v Great City Manufacturing Co [ITA No: 461 of 2009 dtd 10.12.2012] – Allahabad High Court Background: The assessee is a partnership firm engaged in the business of manufacture and export/sale of brass art ware. The assessee filed its return of Income for AY 2005-06 on 31.10.2005 declaring a total income of Rs. 57,68,627. During the course of assessment proceeding the AO noticed that the assessee had paid remuneration to its partners to the tune of Rs. 39,31,965/- whereas it has paid total salary to its employees only Rs. 486918/-. The AO stated that the partnership deed does not specify the functions and duties in respect to working partners justifying the remuneration of Rs. 13,10,665/- to each of its partners when barely a total salary of Rs. 486918/- was paid to all its employee. The remuneration paid to working partners was highly excessive. On this point the Assessing Officer allowed the remuneration upto Rs. 4,00,000/- per annum to each of the partners.

Excessive remuneration to partners cannot be disallowed u/s 40A(2) if it is within limits of ...

Based on the recommendations of Supreme Court in the case of CIT Vs. Glaxo SmithKline Asia (P) Ltd. (195 Taxman 35) (SC), Finance Minister introduced transfer pricing regulations applicable to specified domestic transactions in Finance Act, 2012. Please find attached in the link below an overview of the Domestic Transfer Pricing regulations applicable with effect from Assessment Year 2013-2014 Click here to download the overview

Domestic Transfer Pricing Overview