India Capital Markets (P) Ltd v DCIT IT Appeal No. 2948 (Mum.) of 2010 dtd December 12, 2012 (Mum ITAT) Background: Assessee is a share broker and the main source of income is generated through brokerage. During the year, the assessee has purchased entire clientele business of M/s. Ashmavir Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (AFC) by assigning all clients to the assessee for a consideration of Rs. 2.50 crores . Assessee booked these expenses as purchase of goodwill and has claimed 25% of depreciation amounting to Rs. 62,50,000 thereon. After considering the provisions of section 32, AO was of the opinion that in the said provision, it is apparently clear that goodwill as such does not find any reference and accordingly, disallowed the claim of depreciation on account of goodwill at Rs. 62,50,000. 

Purchase of clientele data is intangible/ goodwill eligible for depreciation – Mum ITAT

CIT v Smifs Securities Limited [2012] 24 222 (SC) Background: In accordance with Scheme of Amalgamation of YSN Shares & Securities (P) Ltd with Smifs Securities Ltd (duly sanctioned by Hon’ble High Courts of Bombay and Calcutta) with retrospective efect from 1st April, 1998, assets and liabilities of YSN Shares & Securities (P) Ltd were transferred to and vest in the company. In the process goodwill has arisen in the books of the company. The assessee claimed that the extra consideration over the value of net assets acquired of YSN Shares and Securities Private Limited [Amalgamating Company] was paid towards the reputation which the Amalgamating Company was enjoying in order to retain its existing clientele. The Assessing Officer held that goodwill was not an asset falling under Explanation 3 to Section 32(1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. CIT(A) came to a conclusion that the assessee in the process of amalgamation had acquired a capital right in the form of goodwill because of which the market worth of the assessee stood increased. This finding was also been upheld by Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

Goodwill is an intangible asset eligible for depreciation – Supreme Court

Pentamedia Graphics Ltd.v DCIT [ITA Nos 1780 (MDS.) OF 2009, 1733, 1768 and 1887 (MDS) OF 2010] (Chennai ITAT) Facts of the case Assessee is engaged in the business of multimedia computer graphics and animation. Assessee’s software and training division was hived off to its sister concern M/s. Pentafour Communications Ltd. The consideration for the transaction was Rs. 894.21 crores. No amount was attributed towards goodwill. But amounts were attributed towards non compete fee, sale of brand name, sale of IPR, etc. In its computation of income, the assessee has not offered any capital gains towards transfer of goodwill. The accounts of the sister concern M/s. Pentafour Technologies Ltd. reflected Rs. 626,08,80,282 under the head ‘fixed assets’ towards goodwill on acquisition of the software division.

Non-compete fees to a sister concern is a colorable device for ‘Goodwill’ to evade tax ...