ACIT v Casio India Co P Ltd I.T.A .No.-6135/Del/2012 (Delhi ITAT) Dated 13/12/2013 Background: Assessee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Casio and Computer Company Ltd., Japan (hereinafter called `Casio Japan’). The assessee distributes watches and consumer information products and other related products of Casio Japan, in India. The assessee entered into certain international transactions with Casio Japan which were benchmarked on ‘Transactional Net Margin Method’ (TNMM). On a reference made by the AO, the Transfer Pricing Officer (TPO) noticed that the assessee incurred a certain sum on the Advertising, Marketing & Promotion (AMP) expenses. Out of that, a sum of Rs.2,63,50,982/- was held to be towards developing marketing intangibles for the Associated Enterprise (AE). As against that, only a sum of Rs.1,02,13,645/- was reimbursed by the AE. Adding in mark-up of 14.93% on the differential amount, the TPO proposed adjustment accordingly. 

LG Electronics ruling on AMP Expenses is applicable even for distributors – Del ITAT