CBDT revamps settled position on inter-unit setoff of non-10A loss against 10A profits

CBDT issued a Circular dated 16th July 2013 giving its view on the controversial issue as to whether the profit of a unit eligible for deduction u/s 10A/ 10B has to be first set-off against the loss suffered by an ineligible unit before computing the available deduction u/s 10A/10B.

The CBDT has expressed the view that as s. 10A/10B is now a “deduction” provision, first, the income/loss from various sources i.e. eligible and ineligible units, under the same head have to be aggregated in accordance with s. 70 of the Act and thereafter, the income from one ahead has to be aggregated with the income or loss of the other head in accordance with section 71 of the Act. If after giving effect to the provisions of sections 70 and 71 there is any income (where there is no brought forward loss to be set off in accordance with the provisions of section 72 of the Act) and the same is eligible for deduction in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VI-A or sections 10A, 10B etc, the same shall be allowed in computing the total income of the assessee.

Contrast with the view taken in Scientific Atlanta vs. ACIT 129 TTJ 273 (Che)(SB), CIT vs. Yokogawa India Ltd 341 ITR 385 (Kar), CIT vs. Black & Veatch Consulting 348 ITR 72  (Bom)CIT vs. TEI Technologies 78 DTR 225 (Del) and other judgements

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