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Siemens Limited v CIT(A)┬áIT APPEAL NO. 4356 (MUM.) OF 2010 Dtd 12.02.2013 – Mumbai ITAT Background: Assessee hired “Pehla Testing Laboratory” (PTL) of Germany for carrying out “type tests” of the circuit breakers manufactured by assessee in order to establish that the design and the product meets the requirement of the International Standards. Pehala Lab is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Germany, which carries out various kinds of tests for circuit breakers and other electronic devices to prove that the designs of the equipment meets the requirements of the international standards. This is a standard service provided by the Laboratory, which is done automatically by machines. It was submitted by the assessee during the course of assessment proceedings that the payment was purely for standard facility provided by the Laboratory which is done automatically by the machines without any human intervention. Further, the payment is in the nature of business income of PTL and since it does not have any Permanent Establishment in India, the same is not taxable in India as per the DTAA. However, the AO rejected the assessee’s contentions on the ground that the type of the services provided by the Pehla Lab is of highly technical in nature covered by section 9(1)(vii).

Services provided by machines without human intervention cannot be construed as FTS – Mum ITAT